Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks 101

When it comes to designing a kitchen, bathroom, or bar many times the sink is over looked. Although, choosing the right sink doesn’t have to be complicated, it is important to do your research. Determining what is ideal functionally and aesthetically will help you pick the right option for your project.

The undercounted stainless steel sink is most popular option for the kitchen. They are typically inexpensive and easy to clean. Because these sinks have no lips, liquid can simply be wiped right into it – making cleanup convenient. Stainless steel sinks are available in many different shapes and sizes. They are extremely durable, affordable, and versatile. Stainless steel sinks fit the décor and style for virtually any kitchen. In addition, it’s possible to shape stainless steel sinks into a customized space. When deciding between single bowl and double bowl sinks it is important to consider the function of your space. If large pots and pans are common in your kitchen, then single bowl sinks would be a better option since they will be able to fit much easier.

Another option is the cast iron sink. When it comes to durability and attractiveness, a cast iron sink reigns supreme. These sinks are built to last a lifetime and have a much more rustic aesthetic appeal than a stainless steel. Cast iron sinks are fairly heavy, however, and will require extra support to hold its weight.

If you are looking for an eye-catching sink, there are other options such as brass or cooper. These sinks, while beautiful, will require more maintenance. For this reason, they are typically found in lower flow areas such as bars.

When it comes to bathrooms, the most popular choice is porcelain. Since the bathroom sink does not see the heavy lifting of pots and pans they can often be a more artistic statement then its kitchen counter part. The sink options for a bathroom are nearly limitless. For a really spectacular look a custom sink can be made out on natural stone, like the one we see here.

The sink is by far the most utilized appliance in your kitchen and bathroom, so when shopping for a sink make sure you take into account its function, placement, and style. Kitchen sinks endure a lot, so be sure to get one that can stand up to the daily abuse of your kitchen. Undermount sinks will make clean up easier, although farmhouse sinks have a classic look that’s difficult to beat. Make your decision based on practicality to ensure you won’t regret your choice down the line. Your sink should be a crucial focus when you are designing your kitchen. The right sink will add life and and style to your home. DiMonte sinks has every sink option to complete your kitchen, bathroom or bar project.

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by Daniel Morrell