Farmhouse Sinks are Back!

I’m a big softie for farmhouse style sinks. The farmhouse sink originated in a time when there was no running water. The idea behind the sink was that it was a place to hold large amounts of water, which was fetched by hand from nearby wells, lakes and rivers.

Those sinks are now called as apron front sinks and can be found in most country kitchens. Once upon a time they were only found in Ireland and Britain, as they came from there in the mid to late 17th century, they were not far off from the present models in terms of design, but were worlds apart in terms of fundamental characteristics. One of these sinks was the Belfast sink, it was a very deep sink with an overflow area so extra water would simply drain away instead of splashing or flowing over the sides of the sink. Another variety, the London sink was a style that used a much shallower basin, as water was scarce in its areas of use. Because of this, there was no overflow in order to keep each drop of water inside the basin.

Farmhouse sinks have been a staple in country kitchens for a long time,these fascinating basins have a front that sticks out past the cabinet housing them and they sit on the top of the counter as opposed to inside it. Although it’s biggest time was undoubtedly the early 19th century, the last decade or so has seen a new spurt of popularity for the style, which has in turn caused manufacturers to produce a larger variety of options for materials and color gradients than ever before. The appreciation of this sink style isn’t just for the appearance, the deep basin comfortably keeps large pots and pans within its storage and stops the splashes that usually come from washing one of them. The biggest downside to the farmhouse sink, is its weight, which requires either additional support and/or a specifically designed cabinet. However, as recent innovations like over mounts and shallow bowls become more popular, it becomes easier and easier to retrofit an apron-front sink. On top of that the recent interest in stainless steel has made this style appropriate for even smooth, modern kitchens.

One of the benefits of this type of sink is not needing to bend down to use it, as it usually sits a bit higher than other types of basins, on top of that it’s generally a great deal deeper than other sinks. This enables the user to stand right in front of it, without the countertop or cabinet between them and their work. It’s a feature that’s as appreciated now as when it first came about; when it first came out the farmhouse sink was made more comfortable to stand at for long period of time, as the person preparing the food or washing the dishes may have been doing so for a very long time.

Originally used for everything from vegetables to washing infants. Farmhouse sinks are now useful for tasks like washing large baking sheets, oven trays and large pots. Sometimes a single basin still isn’t enough, despite it’s size; this is exactly the reason a double basin farmhouse sink now exists. The renewed interest in the style is causing a huge number of innovations. If a farmhouse sink sounds right for you, now is the time to to take advantage of the upswing of this sink trend.